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Full Body / Full Body X Harness

The Full Body Harness is a tactical harness and has been designed for comprehensive comfort protection and safety and is ideal for extraction, abseil and specialist work. Designed to support the body and distribute the forces in suspended work and to prevent serious injury and keep the wearer in a safe position for rescue, in fall arrest.


The Full Body has been designed to help lower the compression forces around the user’s back, hips and legs and using built up layers of thermoformed breathable foams and a clever combination of fabrics reduces the pinching of webbing against the skin.  The Full Body’s extra padding protects the wearers hips from fittings which tend to become uncomfortable after long periods.


Full Body X adds attachment points for chest ascender.


Principal features:



  • Rear ‘D’ attachment point
  • Front sternum attachment
  • Lower ventral for abseil
  • Two side work positioning ‘D’s, Belt loops
  • Easy to don via click lock buckle entry
  • Easy fit, with side and shoulder adjustment cam buckles
  • Ultra lightweight Carbon steel fittings, black powder coated
  • Water repellent and UV resistant polyester webbing
  • Padded leg loops and shoulder yoke
  • 150kg rated




EN 361 EN 358 EN 813 AS/NZS 1891


LightPro Fast Rapid Don Fall Arrest

The LitePro FAST is a two-point fall arrest safety harness with the same safety and comfort features as the standard litePro model. However, the addition of a shoulder yoke, padded leg loops and click lock buckles allow for easy and quick fitment.


Principal features:



  • Front and Rear ‘D’ attachment point
  • Rapid don click lock buckles
  • Ergonomic slimline body pad keeps harness form
  • Padded leg loops to reduce post fall trauma
  • Rapid donning 5 seconds, Lightweight
  • Carbon steel and alloy fittings black powder coated
  • Stainless fittings option
  • Water repellent and UV resistant polyester webbing
  • Shock absorbing rear dorsal via velcro tabs




EN 361 AS/NZS 1891

Sit Harness


Ideal harness for climbing and abseil. Added comfort provided by padded back and leg support.

Principal features:



  • Front and Side ‘D’ attachment points
  • Lightweight
  • Water repellent and UV resistant polyester webbing




EN 813 EN 358


Fast Rope and Fries Bag

This bag has been designed for rapid deployment of Fast Ropes.


Small (12.2m - 18.3m)

Large 27.4 - 36.6m)
Colour:  Black

Fast Rope Deployment Bag

This bag has been designed for rapid deployment of Fast Ropes

Sizes: Small (12.2m)

Medium (15.2 & 18.3m)

Large (27.4 & 36.6m)


Colour: Olive Drab


Abseil Leg Bag

Available in three sizes to accommodate 100m or 61m or 30m of Marlow abseil rope, the simple design allows for easy rope stowage and kink free deployment, making rapid descent as trouble free as possible


100m - 220 mm (L)        
- 220 mm (W)
- 600 mm (H)

61m - 220 mm (L)         
- 220 mm (W)
- 360 mm (H)

30m - 150 mm (L)         
- 150 mm (W)
- 360 mm (H)

Fast Rope Gloves
Manufactured from reinforced leather with wool lining and Velcro® wrist adjustment.  Kevlar lined palms provide further wear and heat resistance when Fast Roping

Sizes:    Medium and Large
Colour:  Black
NSN:     8415-99-833-0147 (medium)

Abseil Gloves
Manufactured from water resistant leather with goatskin reinforcement to palm and thumb

Sizes:    Medium and Large
Colour:  Black
NSN:     -

Cobra® Plus Rappeling / Fast Rope Glove
Kevlar lined with a suede leather palm and thumb for additional grip and protection, the Cobra® Plus also has an unlined trigger finger for easy weapons handling

Sizes:    Medium and Large
Colour:  Black
NSN:     8415-99-928-3318 (Medium)
            8415-99-447-0271 (Large)