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K.E.R.R. (Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope)

The K.E.R.R. was designed and developed by Marlow and British forces to provide fast and effective recovery of armoured vehicles. It allows quick and easy deployment for rapid recovery without the need for special vehicles.

Polyester Tow Ropes

Strong, lightweight and flexible with excellent UV resistance, Marlow’s polyester Tow Ropes are ideally suited for small to medium sized armoured vehicles.

H.M.P.E. Tow Rope 

Light weight and strong, H.M.P.E. Tow Ropes are made with Dyneema® and have been designed specifically for medium weight, front line armoured vehicles. Safer than wire, these Tow Ropes can be quickly and easily deployed in critical situations by a single person.

Dynaline Winch Line

Marlow’s Dynaline winch ropes are made with high strength, light weight Dyneema® fibre and are designed to replace steel wire winch ropes on armoured vehicles and 4x4’s. Dynaline enables significantly quicker and safer deployment and recovery than traditional steel wire ropes, virtually eliminating dangerous recoil if fitting or attachment fail or the unlikely event of rope failure


Dynaline Max Winch Line

Dynaline Max takes the wire rope replacement concept of Dynaline a stage further by adding Marlow's "Max" super pre-stretching process.  Dynaline Max offers higher strength and lower stretch than a standard Dynaline rope.  The higher break load for a given diameter offers a higher factor of safety or the possibility to down size the rope thereby allowing a longer length to be fitted on the winch.