Marlow Ropes first introduced their Eco-Conscious 100% Recycled Blue Ocean rope as a Dockline back in November 2018 at the METS Trade Exhibition in 2018.

As world leaders in the Leisure Marine industry we were the first to produce a ‘technically better’ environmentally conscious innovation which is the BLUE OCEAN DOCKLINE made using 100% recycled waste plastic bottles.

Every day more than 16 million plastic bottles end up in landfill in the UK alone, and this latest innovation from Marlow uses our engineering expertise to make an environmental difference; through the development of a high-quality premium rope.

Reusing, repurposing and recycling are key areas of Marlow’s environmental policy and this latest product development aims to highlight the importance of these actions to help reduce marine plastic pollution. As a manufacturing company within the marine industry, Marlow knows only too well about the impact that plastic materials can have on the environment and ensures that their impact is kept to a minimum, as managing director Jon Mitchell explains:  “Like many progressive organisations, we are extremely conscious of our environmental impact and ensure that both our manufacturing and waste management systems are in line with our environmental policy which reinforces our recycle, reuse and repurpose education mission.

Our ropes are made to the highest of standards using quality materials such as Dyneema® which is well known for its green strength, and whilst they are made from plastic polymers, they are not single use items and we equip our customers and end users with technical knowledge to help maximise the rope’s performance and extend their life so that as little of them as possible end up in landfill or as marine litter. When the ropes do eventually need replacing, there are a variety of ways that rope can be repurposed and we encourage this as much as possible by sharing tips across our website and social media channels.” Marlow’s commitment to recycling, reusing and repurposing starts from the very beginning and is monitored through their waste management systems: “All our manufacturing waste yarn is recycled where it can be, and this currently includes HMPE, Polyester, Nylon and Aramid fibres. Off-cut ropes are donated to local schools and animal charities, and we have recyling policies across all other waste materials such as cardboard, wood and metal.”

With this commitment to recycling it comes as no surprise that Marlow have found a solution that combines the over-use of single use plastics with the need for high quality marine equipment built to last. “When we found out about the astonishing quantities of plastic bottle waste, we knew we had to act, and sought partners who had the expertise to develop and produce rPET (recycled polyester) yarn. This, combined with our knowledge of engineering plastic polymers, allowed this innovation to become possible. We are excited to launch the new BLUE OCEAN DOCKLINE into our Leisure Marine range - for every 100m of Marlow’s 12mm BLUE OCEAN DOCKLINE, 422 waste plastic bottles will be used to make it. This latest product launch demonstrates our environmental commitment and we hope that by doing so, it encourages other manufacturers to act, enabling us to be further along on the road to a circular economy. Our ultimate goal is that polyester yarns will eventually all be made from recycled waste plastic.”

This innovation in rope technology has won Marlow worldwide acclaim with a SPECIAL MENTION award in the DAME Awards 2019 at the METSTRADE show that took place in Amsterdam in November 2019.
In addition to this Marlow were also awarded the PITTMAN Innovation Award 2020 by the Editors, Staff, and Judges at Sail Magazine under the Green Award category.

Marlow are going from strength to strength with further innnvoations around rPET manufacturing of rope with the introduction of the first in the Arb Industry for lowering lines.

Blue Ocean Dockline

Marlow Ropes Introduces the First 100% Recycled Lowering Li­­ne for the Arboricultural Industry.

Our new environmentally conscious innovation; the BLUE OCEAN RAPTOR Lowering Line made using 100% recycled waste plastic bottles will be launched later this Spring.

Managing Director, Jon Mitchell adds, “We hope that by introducing this new product to the Arb market, it will encourage other manufacturers to act, enabling us as a manufacturer to make further progress towards a circular economy. Our ultimate goal is to switch all of our polyester fibres from virgin PET to rPET.”

The Blue Ocean’s unique construction offers the same popular attributes as the normal Raptor and Marlow’s other Arboriculture products including good abrasion resistance and shock absorption with soft and supple flexibility with zero strength loss or shrinkage but in an environmentally friendly way. The Blue Ocean range extends into Marlow’s Leisure Marine industry encouraging a more sustainable approach to the rope manufacturing industry. 

This new product will be available later in the Spring 2020. 

Marlow will announce further innovative developments later in the year using the same expertise in rPET rope manufacturing.

Watch this space!