At Marlow Ropes we are turning the tide on how we manufacture – the energy we use, the materials we source and the waste we produce.  As a leading manufacturer we are ensuring that we operate an efficient and ethical plant, enabling a sustainable future for manufacturing in the UK.

As a rope-maker, we recognise that our activities will have an effect on both the local and global environment and we are committed to ensuring that the negative effect is minimised as far as is practical.  With this in mind, we are bringing together our sustainability actions and the eco-conscious products we are developing under the one BLUE OCEAN® brand.

Since 2018, we have been developing products using sustainably sourced fibres in all of our standard synthetic rope ranges.  Most significantly we are reducing reliance on fossil fuels by using fibres either manufactured from waste plastic or natural sources in the Leisure Marine and Arboriculture markets. 

Overall, the BLUE OCEAN® brand is our mark of sustainability and assures our customers, end-users, suppliers and employees of the on-going commitment and mission to conduct our operations and production within an environmentally conscious measured framework. 


Blue Ocean Dockline



Marlow Ropes Introduces the First 100% Recycled Lowering Li­­ne for the Arboricultural Industry.

Our new environmentally conscious innovation; the BLUE OCEAN RAPTOR Lowering Line made using 100% recycled waste plastic bottles will be launched later this Spring.

Managing Director, Jon Mitchell adds, “We hope that by introducing this new product to the Arb market, it will encourage other manufacturers to act, enabling us as a manufacturer to make further progress towards a circular economy. Our ultimate goal is to switch all of our polyester fibres from virgin PET to rPET.”

The Blue Ocean’s unique construction offers the same popular attributes as the normal Raptor and Marlow’s other Arboriculture products including good abrasion resistance and shock absorption with soft and supple flexibility with zero strength loss or shrinkage but in an environmentally friendly way. The Blue Ocean range extends into Marlow’s Leisure Marine industry encouraging a more sustainable approach to the rope manufacturing industry. 


Marlow Ropes Introduces Second Blue Ocean® Rope in Arboricultural range 

Marlow Ropes, the world-leading rope manufacturer officially announces the introduction of their latest ‘technically better’ innovation; the BLUE OCEAN® GECKO, a first in the Arboriculture industry. 

The Blue Ocean® Gecko is a climbing rope with a 16 plait cover made from Marlow’s trademarked Blue Ocean® yarn - manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. It is the first climbing rope in the Arboriculture industry to be made from the recycled material. This release comes after their first product, Blue Ocean® Raptor, a lowering line made from 100% Blue Ocean® yarn hit the market earlier this year. 

The new creation maintains the same CE Certified attributes and performance of Marlow’s popular original Gecko, but with an eco-conscious twist and a NEW low-profile eye termination option - added to give a tighter grip to karabiners/ hardware and to ease a smoother run through branches.   


Marlow Ropes Take Sustainability Seriously with Third Eco-conscious Arb Rope 

Marlow Ropes, officially announced the launch of their third Blue Ocean® innovation to round up their trilogy of eco-conscious Arb lines for 2020. The ‘Technically Better’ rope brand are no strangers to sourcing sustainably produced fibres, and are the first in the arboriculture and forestry industry to release ropes made from recycled waste plastic bottles.   

BLUE OCEAN® BOA is the newest addition to the eco-conscious range,being available in a loop or cord

The global Arb industry will be pleased to hear that this sustainable accessory cord maintains the same  CE Certified  attributes and anti-kink construction making it ideal for use as a prussik and in other friction hitches. The new hardwearing 16 plait cover is now made from GRS certified Blue Ocean® yarn, manufactured from waste recycled plastic bottles. 


Marlow Ropes are Turning the Tide on Sustainable Manufacturing 

BLUE OCEAN® DOUBLEBRAID is Marlow Ropes' latest addition to the eco-conscious Blue Ocean® product range which is manufactured from sustainable materials.  The heat-set braid-on-braid Doublebraid is made from 100% recycled waste plastic bottles and offers industry leading strength and stretch performance. 

Used for a variety of on-board applications, this popular line is available on the reel as standard and also as spliced finished assemblies on request. It offers flexibility and easy handling for all sailors, and now with the reassurance of being sustainably manufactured.