24 hours since the last blog, and the Ocean bit back! Fabulous electric light show around us for my watch. It arrived locally for the next one and there was no gap between thunder and lightning. No strike on the boat thankfully, but there has been a big wind shift, we heeled hard over so a few lee-cloths were tested and half an hour of hard work all around. No harm done.

In 24 hours, by our calculations, we will be in Freemantle for a quiet celebration before most our relatives arrive, we have arrived early! Our finishing position is as yet unclear, but we are pushing for all we are worth to make it as good as possible. As I type, finish line clothing is being found ready for our arrival early morning. 

Plans are in place as to how our time in port is being spent on cleaning, provisions, boat and sail maintenance.

Dolphins. Some today for the first time in days. I’m told these are hourglass dolphins and shall be added to the list in my nearly-full Clipper 19-20 diary.

Hopefully an update tomorrow and a few through this stop over. Slainté


It’s been a long day but a quiet sense of achievement as we have clinched a podium place! We finished an hour or so ago. Hugs all round and a few tears as we realise what we have achieved, but also the beginning of the end of some journeys, strangers we met who leave as good friends. Still more time together on shore, for a few days at least, to swap tall tales and salty sea stories!