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Marlow Ropes is proud to be the official supplier of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, a 17 year long partnership. The full Clipper 70 yacht fleet are equipped with specialist Marlow products, and along with the 712 amateur crew, will experience one of the greatest challenges and an endurance test like no other as they circumnavigate 40,000 nautical miles.


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15,620 metres of rope will travel 40,000 nautical miles around the world in one of the toughest endurance races in the World. 


The sixteenth year of partnership between the Clipper Race and Marlow Ropes will be marked with a shift towards a greener future. The world's first mooring line to be made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, Marlow Ropes Blue Ocean Dockline, has been rolled out across the fleet of 70ft racing yachts for the start of the biennial round the world yacht race.

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It's the start of a new Clipper Race edition and with the 2019-20 Race starting in just under a week (1st September) we've been busy fulfilling and delivering the rope order and providing splicing training for the fleet's on-board bosuns. The 12 bosuns got to grips with a D2 Eye Splice and learnt some further techniques including handy fastenings.

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This is it: Liverpool (UK), Punta del Este (Uruguay), Cape Town (South Africa), Fremantle/Sydney/Hobart/Airlie Beach (Australia), Sanya/Qingdao (China), Seattle (USA), Panama, New York (USA), Derry-Londonderry (Ireland), and back to Liverpool (UK)! 

Over 40 000 nautical miles later, I am here sitting on the dock in Liverpool where it all began 11 months ago surrounded by my wife and family and the many friends I have made throughout this amazing adventure.

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Could not find any other word to describe this Transatlantic Crossing. From start to finish the race has been absolutely spectacular.

New York was an absolute delight. I was lucky enough to have my wife and family over for a couple of days which always brings a boost of energy. Energy I definitely needed for the upcoming final leg of this round the world journey.

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Hey guys,

Hope all is well. The s(n)ailing race is over and we finished with a beautiful 2nd place and 3 bonus points. A great result that brings us within only 6 points from Qingdao and the 2nd place overall.

If you think light winds means easy sailing, well not at all. We did more sail changes than ever to try to get the most out of any puffs we'd get. Patience was key on this race and the Race Committee decision to shorter the race to that point provided for a very exciting and nerve racking finish with 9 of the 11 boats finishing a few hours or minutes apart.

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Hello Hello,

Hope you guys are all doing great. We did not have a lot of time to recover from our emotions after our Pacific crossing before we set sail again. This time going south towards the heat and the sun. Leg 6: The Mighty Pacific will be a leg I will remember all my life for its extraordinary conditions and the emotions it gave us. Lots of memories and learnings came out of this race.

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Marlow Ambassador Simon du Bois on his Clipper Race Experience so far

This week Marlow are on the US West coast ahead of our Seattle Sailing Day with Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and our Seattle stockist Fis

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Hello everyone,

Remember when I told you we needed to keep pushing and focus on creating memories. Well the third week of the Pacific will be one to remember.

It all started by us taking over GREAT Britain... yeah we aren't last anymore.

As we approached the 45 degrees of latitude, the weather conditions slowly built up to cold, wet and windy.

We experienced our first real crash gybe which left some damage and added another weight on our shoulders. Luckily nobody got injured and the damages were minor.

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Well that's what they call it. Probably because that's the biggest part of the leg but it seems that everyone's focus was on that later part rather than the first part: getting out of the Asian sea.

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