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Marlow Ropes is proud to be the official supplier of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, a 17 year long partnership. The full Clipper 70 yacht fleet are equipped with specialist Marlow products, and along with the 712 amateur crew, will experience one of the greatest challenges and an endurance test like no other as they circumnavigate 40,000 nautical miles.


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15,620 metres of rope will travel 40,000 nautical miles around the world in one of the toughest endurance races in the World. 


Hey guys, Ni Hao (Hello in Chinese)

Hope all is good on your side. Today I want to talk to you about one of the great thing that comes with the Clipper Race which is learning and discovering different cultures.

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Not going to lie, Leg 5 is not a leg that I particularly was looking forward too. In fact, it's probably one in which I had the least interest in. From what I knew, we would end up in the cold winter of Qingdao after leaving sunny Australia and we would face lots of marine traffic and potential fishing boats.

Moreover, Australia and Airlie Beach have been absolutely remarkable to us and probably the best stopover to celebrate and enjoy our first victory.

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Marlow ropes onboard the Clipper Race - hoisting the jib

During Race 2, our Clipper Race ambassador Simon Du Bois, caught some boat-side action of the crew hoisting the jib - no easy feat, and a wet ride by the looks of it!

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It does not get any better than this. What a perfect way to conclude the best leg so far in this round the world sailing journey.

The final week of this 3rd race on the Australian coast proved more challenging than ever as the fleet battled the strong current and variable wind conditions.

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Champagne sailing, stormy weather, windholes, match racing; name it, this leg and this third stage of Leg 4 has it all.

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Leg 4- Race 1/3 - Week 1

In this blog Simon talks about missing out to first place during the sprint, new crew members and making their way to Sydney - where his wife (who he hasn't seen in 4 months) will be waiting for him!

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LEG 3, DAY 21

In Simon's latest blog he pays tribute to Simon Speirs, crew member on board CV30 (Great Britain) who lost his life at sea on the 18th November and the impact this has on him and his fellow crew.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Simon's family and all the Clipper Race crew members at this time.

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In Simon's latest blog he reflects on the Greenings boat running aground and the impact it has on the entire Clipper fleet crew as they continue on their quest to circumnavigate the globe....


Here we go again! Cape Town you have been one hell of a city but time to continue to explore the World. Australia, Fremantle you are next!

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In Simon's latest blog he describes the highlights from the first Clipper Race stopover in Punte Del Este and the much needed push to pull the Visit Seattle crew together as they embark on Leg 2 heading towards Cape Town...

Hey guys,

I'm back! WE ARE BACK!

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In Simon's latest blog and the final one of his first Leg of the Clipper Race he tells us of the lessons learnt and how he and his crew will bounce back by their disappointing race result.

The final week of racing had much more to do with the well known marriage vow: "for better or worst."

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