Gear up for a glimpse into the world of supersonic engineering! This incredible footage showcases the deployment of the 2020 Bloodhound Project’s parachute braking system, meticulously manufactured by Marlow Ropes. 

Marlow’s partnership with the Bloodhound team wasn’t your typical collaboration. It required pushing the boundaries of engineering to create a one-of-a-kind parachute system. 

At the heart of this project lies a 32mm Nylon 12 strand main parachute strop. This robust line acts as the tether, connecting the car to the braking parachute so that once the record-breaking speed was achieved, the parachute could be deployed to safely decelerate and bring the car to a stop. 

But how do you safely attach such immense force to the vehicle? Marlow incorporated a Technora® ‘weak link’ assembly. This ingenious design ensured a smooth deployment sequence, safeguarding both the Bloodhound car and the braking system itself. 

The video brings to life the crucial role this parachute system played. Witnessing its deployment provides a tangible sense of the immense speeds the Bloodhound is designed to achieve. 

Remember, this technology isn’t just about reaching record-breaking speeds; it’s about controlled deceleration. The parachute system ensures the Bloodhound comes to a safe and swift stop after its high-speed run. 

This collaboration between Bloodhound and Marlow Ropes is a testament to cutting-edge engineering – paving the way for future land speed record attempts, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

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