The Tokyo 2021 Olympics showcased the finest and fiercest sailing after a challenging journey that saw the 2020 Olympics postponed for a year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. For elite sailors at the top of their class, reliance on dependable lines was key to their success. This is where Marlow’s innovation and collaboration with the British Sailing Team led to the development of Excel HPR  – helping the Nacra 17 Champions secure silver medals. 

Having tried and tested a number of high-performance, abrasion resistant lines successfully used by the wider British Sailing Team, John Gimson and Anna Burnet found they were not able to withstand their new power ratchet systems. Following material sample trials and collaborative discussions between Marlow’s technical team and the British Sailing Team, Excel HPR was born – Marlow’s most abrasive resistance dinghy line yet.  Constructed with a tough Dyneema® and Technora® blended cover.

“it has proven to be a game-changer for us, offering exceptional sustainability and longevity. the Excel HPR lasts forever.” 

The key to Excel HPR’s success lies in its innovative cover. By combining Dyneema® for strength and Technora® for heat and abrasion resistance, Marlow created the perfect blend:

Unmatched durability: stands up to the most aggressive power ratchets.  

Smooth Performance: the unique cover ensures lines run smoothly through ratchets, maximising efficiency. 

Long-lasting Performance : designed to deliver exceptional performance for longer.  Less line replacements and less waste.

Excel HPR was born from Olympic ambition; its benefits extending far beyond the podium.

The 6.5mm diameter and exceptional handling makes it ideal for a wide range of boats, including 505s, Nacra 17s, 49er, 49er FX, Scorpions and many more. 

Hear what the Nacra 17 silver medallists say about Excel HPR  here

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Nacra 17 silver medallists