Marlow Ropes have been a trusted technical partner to Team Malizia since 2019 and have seen Boris Herrmann and his crew achieve multiple global offshore race wins including the 2022-23 The Ocean Race  and more recently 2nd place wins in the 2024 New York Vendée and Transat CIC.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Boris and Team Malizia as he prepares for the 2024-25 Vendée Globe starting in November 2024.

For ultimate performance, durability and reliability, Team Malizia use the following materials/lines:

Vectran/Tech 60/40 for high load sheets and control lines  

Dyneema® 50 for locking halyards  – it offers superb abrasion resistance, whilst also being smooth, free running and long-lasting. 

Furler 50 for the perfect blend of grip and stiffness in the furlers. 

Tech 50 for other lines onboard. 

Dyneema® whipping twine and chafe sleeve for spliced assemblies

High-strength D12 cores and customizable coatings

Why do they choose Marlow Ropes? 

“We’ve partnered with Marlow for 15 years, and here’s why they remain our top choice: 

Unmatched Value: They offer exceptional quality at a competitive price. 

Innovation: Marlow is constantly pushing boundaries, developing cutting-edge solutions for the sailing industry. 

Customisable Products: They’re willing to create ropes that perfectly match our unique needs and dreams for the boat. 

Personalised Service: The Marlow team provides exceptional customer support, ensuring we get the most out of their products. 

Environmental Commitment: Marlow shares our dedication to sustainability. They use bio sourced materials and offer core/cover separation for maximum lifespan and reduced waste.”

Looking Ahead: 

With Marlow Ropes by their side, we’re confident in helping Team Malizia tackle their upcoming challenges and look forward to seeing their success in the Vendée Globe 2024-25 

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