Pioneering leaders in edge of space technology and the emerging stratospheric economy, Marlow have worked with World View since 2017, providing a bespoke rope product as part of the balloon spaceflight systems to allow greater accessibility to space exploration.

The woman behind World View; Jane Poynter, began her career as part of the team that designed and built Biosphere 2, before serving as one of the 8 crewmembers to live inside B2 for two full years. Jane then went on to co-found and lead Paragon Space Development Corporation (a leading life support technology company for hazardous environments) for over 20 years.

Jane and her husband and co-founder, Taber MacCallum, had the vision to build World View to carry everyday people to the edge of space to experience what astronauts call the “Overview Effect,” using high-altitude balloons, a technology much more suited for safety and a better overall spaceflight experience than rockets.World View needed a rope with very specific properties for their innovative new flight platform and Marlow have been able to supply a rope that meets their exacting needs and in some small way help World View continue to push the boundaries of discovery.

Soon after starting the company, World View developed the Stratollite in response to customer demand; an un-crewed vehicle that lifts payloads to the edge of space and which is the first ever long-duration steerable stratospheric vehicle. Jane’s vision is considered a breakthrough innovation by the entire spaceflight industry.

“An exciting aspect of working at Marlow Ropes is the opportunity to meet exceptional individuals in a wide-ranging array of industries. One of the most interesting and inspiring is Jane Poynter.  Her experience as an astronaut and co-founder of World View embody the adventuresome human spirit and ability to reach for the stars (literally, in her case) that reminds us of the greatness of which we are all capable.” USA Sales Manager, Forrest Williams

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