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Marlow’s 8 Plait Pre-stretched has been a staple for windsurf downhauls and outhauls for years thanks to it’s low stretch and tough abrasion resistant cover.

We also developed and introduced Formuline, the first 100% Dyneema® rope specifically designed for new high purchase downhaul systems. Imitated by many, Formuline remains the original and best and is now paired with Formula-X for ratchet downhaul systems.

Our windsurf lines are complemented by kite lines for both race and freestyle riding as well as Excel D12 which is ideal for leaders, chicken loops and pigtails.

Extreme Sports

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Formuline is world renowned by windsurfers - the first and still the best line specifically desig...


Formula-X has been developed for a new breed of ratchet downhaul systems


Kiteline Race utilises bio-based Dyneema SK99 and is available in 1.3mm and 1.5mm diameter. While maintaining the breakload of 270kg on the 1.3mm and 360kg for the 1.5mm the thinner than normal diameter improves kite performance especially in light winds and offers great durability and strength even when lines are crossed. 


KITELINE FREESTYLE utilises bio-based Dyneema SK78 and is available in 1

D12 Grand Prix Dyneema Rope
D12 78

Lightweight and high strength, single braid bio-based Dyneema SK78, with tough ArmourCoat finish

D12 99

Lightweight and high strength, single braid bio-based Dyneema SK99, with tough ArmourCoat finish


Polyester option for windsurf downhauls and outhauls, grips well in cleats and provides good abra...

KitelineRACE 1.5mm : 30m mini spools

Marlow KitelineRACE utilises Dyneema SK99 and is now available in 1

Kiteline Splicing Needle

Marlows NEW Kiteline splicing needle has been designed for use with our Extreme Sports product ra...