Marlow Ropes, the world leading UK based rope manufacturer officially announces the introduction of their latest ‘technically better’ innovation; the BLUE OCEAN® RAPTOR, a first in the Tree Work and Arboriculture industry. 

The Blue Ocean® Raptor is a Lowering line made from Marlow’s trademarked Blue Ocean® yarn - manufactured using 100% recycled plastic bottles and is the first in the Arboricultural and Tree work industry. 

The Blue Ocean® product range was created in-line with Marlow’s environmental and sustainability mission of reducing single-use plastics, whilst aiming to raise awareness of the detrimental effects it has on the oceans and the environment. 

Jon Mitchell, Marlow’s Managing Director, commented on the company’s progress. 

"It is clear that people are becoming more environmentally aware, and we are working to provide our customers with sustainable rope options in all of the industries we operate in. We hope by introducing these products it will encourage our customers to think more consciously before purchasing their ropes and inspire other manufacturers to act too."

Blue Ocean® Raptor is available in four different colour coded diameters and will be available at Marlow stockists from June 2020!

For further information about Marlow’s BLUE OCEAN Range and their commitment to eco-conscious practices click here