CLIPPER RACE 2, BLOG 3 – Grinding for Race Gains

7th & 8th October


In James’ second blog from the Portugal to Uruguay Race, he gives us an insight into Race tactics, improving ‘Imagine Your Korea’s’ Race position and a novel attempt for Race gains following in America’s Cup foiling catamaran footsteps.


Punta del Este is approaching rapidly, only a few days away and our little group, our boat family is going to change, evolve. Friends will be leaving, new companions joining to become friends. Most of us are thinking about this in one way or another. It is hard to appreciate what those about to leave and perhaps see us only again in London next August are feeling. Seeing other blogs and thoughts from the Clipper Race crew diaries is revealing.


Hope is ever at hand; we were fastest boat in the fleet on the last update and are closing on the pack.

It seems odd but evolution is a word much in use on board. Generally, it describes making some sort of change to the sail plan. Every now and then it is about how we might change entirely how we do things. Operating the winches may be one of them.

Racing America’s Cup 72 foiling cats now have pedal power, and so do we! Grinding on pedestals with your hands is old hat as hopefully the pictures/video show.

Eventually it might catch on!


We have found the treasure at the bottom of Pandora’s Box. Spirits on board are high, we still have challenges to meet to improve our position. Positive news on speed, relative position help. Refining our sailing across the board, today more spinnaker trim training. The grinders have been active. We continue to encourage everyone to take on every position on our boat and this is paying off as everyone improves their ability to helm, work the foredeck or trim. Our hands all tell the story of lots of time handling winches and ropes!