CLIPPER RACE BLOG 17: Patience is Key

Hey guys,

Hope all is well. The s(n)ailing race is over and we finished with a beautiful 2nd place and 3 bonus points. A great result that brings us within only 6 points from Qingdao and the 2nd place overall.

If you think light winds means easy sailing, well not at all. We did more sail changes than ever to try to get the most out of any puffs we’d get. Patience was key on this race and the Race Committee decision to shorter the race to that point provided for a very exciting and nerve racking finish with 9 of the 11 boats finishing a few hours or minutes apart.

The Committee’s decision is based on the forecasted wind (or lack thereof) and the level of fuel we have to reach panama. Furthermore, with the logistics of crossing the Panama Canal and to organize every stopover, we must ensure a certain deadline to reach every destination.

As such we are now motoring towards Panama while completing the service and maintenance of the boat. It’s always fun to share the experience with other people as the ones you live with 24/7.

I can’t wait to experience crossing the Panama Canal and look forward to let you know how it is.

Talk soon