CLIPPER RACE BLOG 2: Tough Week for the Sails by Marlow Ambassador Simon Du Bois

It’s been a tough week onboard Visit Seattle as we lost our Code 2 (lightweight spinnaker) early in the week in addition to needing many repairs to our Code 3 (medium weight spinnaker).  All of this has affected our ranking and our moral obviously. Like Marlow Ropes though, it will take a lot for us to give up and we’ve been fighting ever since to climb our way back to the top of the fleet from 10th back to 3rd which we reached Sunday morning.

I’m getting used to heights with three other mast climbs this week including my first under spinnaker moving at 10 knots. I’m starting to like it up there. The view is just absolutely amazing and the place is peaceful. Got some great film footage for when I touch land in Punta del Este.

Until next time…