Land Speed Record Parachute Braking System Engineered by Marlow

Here is fascinating footage from the recent Bloodhound Land Speed Record trials which shows the deployment of the parachute braking system engineered and spliced in Marlow’s factory for the The Bloodhound Project Land Speed Record.

Marlow has been working with the Bloodhound team to develop this specialist parachute system which includes a 32mm Nylon 12 strand main parachute strop and a Technora ‘weak link’ assembly to join the strops to the car. This allows the Bloodhound car to slow its eye-watering speed once it reaches its 500mph land speed goal.

During the trials that took place this week in Hakskeenpan, the Bloodhound car exceeded it’s goal of achieving 500mph and deployed two parachutes for testing purposes which performed as expected.