Introducing the New and Improved D2 Club Rope for Cruising Sailors

Continuing a long history of innovation, Marlow Ropes is excited to introduce an upgrade to its D2 Club rope product for the cruising market. The new and improved design not only delivers superior performance, lighter weight and reduced elongation, but also offers an easy substitution for standard polyester doublebraid rope.

Re-designed Dyneema® Core

While the latest version sports a fresh color range, it retains the hardwearing and grippy 16-plait polyester jacket of its predecessor. The “magic” of the new D2 Club product, however, lies in its Dyneema SK75 blended core. The combination of Dyneema and polypropylene provide the re-engineered rope with qualities that make it simple for sailors to switch from polyester doublebraid and reap significant performance and handling advantages.

The core redesign on the D2 Club results in a much lighter overall weight versus the polyester doublebraid with the option to strip the cover for further weight reduction. The core is treated with Armorcoat to protect and preserve its integrity and extend the longevity of the rope while also allowing for easy splicing and tapering. Another advantage of the new D2 Club construction is much lower elongation compared to polyester doublebraid, meaning fewer sail adjustments.

A principal component of many Marlow innovations, Dyneema is an engineered material known as the world’s strongest, lightest fiber – 15 times stronger than steel yet floats on water. Its hydrophobic properties prevent water absorption, so ropes maintain their light weight even when wet. Dyneema’s chemical and UV resistant properties mean the new D2 Club performs well in all kinds of weather.

Easy Substitution

A similar diameter and break load make the new D2 Club a direct replacement for doublebraid. There is no need to modify or change clutches, winches or other deck hardware to switch to the new D2 Club, so upgrading is simple and economical.

Marlow’s latest creation for the cruiser market offers a stronger, lighter and more durable alternative to polyester doublebraid sheets and halyards. To learn more about how the new D2 Club can improve performance and reduce weight on your boat, visit or watch our demonstration video.