Local school celebrate Thomas Burfield Day!

The pupils of Burfield Academy, Hailsham, welcomed Marlow Ropes as part of its day learning about the heritage of the schools’ namesake Sir Thomas Burfield – founder of what is now Marlow Ropes.


Marlow’s Technical Manager, Paul Dyer spent the morning with three classes teaching them the art of knot tying, in particular the figure of eight knot featured on the school’s logo, along with a brief history of Marlow Ropes and the evolution of rope production in the town.


Burfield Academy Principal, Kate Sicolo, said she was delighted to welcome the Marlow team and share the history of Thomas Burfield – founder of the original rope company in the town and instigator of the long history of rope making in Hailsham.  She said: “We want our children to grow up with a sense of identity and pride in their local area. It was important to us to choose a name which reflected one of the many great traditions in Hailsham; Rope making. Thomas Burfield was a great pioneer and the children have been inspired by his story of opening a factory in our town.


“We are delighted that we are able to work with Marlow Ropes to continue learning about ropemaking in Hailsham. We hope to work together in the future to inspire our young people to be just as enterprising as Thomas Burfield!”


Milly Stone, Marketing Manager at Marlow Ropes said “Marlow is very proud of its heritage – not only as a brand recognised around the world for quality, performance and innovation, but as a business with strong ties to the local community”.


This year Marlow Ropes is launching The Marlow Ropes Charitable Trust. The Trust will run a number of events, auctions and fund-raising initiatives throughout the year and the money raised distributed to worthy causes within the local community.  If you would like to donate to the Trust or get involved please email Milly at milly.stone@marlowropes.com.