Marlow Award winners 2023

Marlow Awards Excellence in Distribution with 2023 Winners Announced

 At the end of last year, we announced the launch of a set of new customer awards to recognise and reward Marlow Ropes’ best performing customers in the global Arboriculture, Rope Access and Defence industries.  

These awards recognise customers who have gone above and beyond in the following areas: 

  1. Going over and above in representing the Marlow brand either instore, online, at events or through another type of marketing. 
  2. Enabling a great partnership – providing Marlow with valuable feedback, communications and working with us as a team to add value to the Marlow Ropes product or service offering. 
  3. Building strong brand visibility within their geographical area  
  4. Achieving outstanding sales of Marlow products 
  5. Building connections through a network of strong customers and brand supporters 

 We are delighted to now reveal that the winners of the Marlow Ropes 2023 Awards are: 

·         Buxtons as the 2023 UK Arb Dealer of the Year

·         CSP Distribution as the 2023 International Distributor of the Year

·         Viator Plus Ultra as the 2023 Defence Agent of the Year



Buxtons Arborist Retailer have been a Marlow partner for 20 years and have consistently demonstrated profound dedication and expert knowledge. Their invaluable insights and unwavering support were instrumental in the successful launches of ground-breaking products like the Vesper climbing line and the Static work positioning lines. We would like to thank Jill, Kelly and Neale for their commitment to the brand and for their promotion of the Marlow range at the 2023 Arb show. 



CSP have been excellent ambassadors for Marlow in Australia, not only boosting the brand profile but also driving sales of our Rope Access, Fire Brigade, and Arboriculture ropes (including those equipped with their innovative EZYID asset tracking system) throughout the Commonwealth.  Their contributions to testing and developing new products like the Maverick Arb climbing rope have been invaluable, and we want to especially thank Alex and Brendon for their unwavering support over the past year. Cheers to an incredible partnership. 



Viator Plus Ultra’s dedication and efforts have solidified Marlow’s presence within the Spanish Military and Police forces, resulting in exceptional sales growth. 

Viator Plus Ultra went above and beyond throughout the year, showcasing Marlow’s Defence range of products at the following shows and exhibitions: 

  • FEINDEF: The leading international exhibition for Defence and Security held in Madrid. 
  •  SICUR: The International Security Exhibition, also held in Madrid. 
  •  RESCUE-OPS: The Emergency Operations and Safety Exhibition in Alicante, where they provided live demonstrations of Marlow’s Fast Ropes, Gloves, and Fast Rope Descender.

    These strategic initiatives, coupled with Viator Plus Ultra’s dedicated team, generated significant sales growth and solidified Marlow’s reputation as a trusted provider of high-performance Defence equipment. 

“We are deeply grateful for Viator Plus Ultra’s exceptional effort and commitment to the Marlow brand, states Richard Edge, Defence Director, their passion, expertise, and strategic approach have been instrumental in securing this well-deserved award. We look forward to a continued and even more successful partnership in the years to come.”

Thank you to all of our customers who took the time to apply and nominate their companies.  We value each and everyone of you and look forward to receiving your applications later this year for the 2024 Awards.

For further information about where to locate these customers and our wider distribution network tap here.