Marlow Collaborates with DSM Dyneema on Road to Racing Victory

Earlier this year, Marlow collaborated with DSM Dyneema to demonstrate the benefits of using Dyneema fibres across their premium racing rope ranges. As a key partner of DSM Dyneema, Marlow uses the Dyneema yarn in many of it’s top technical products due to the lightweight, high strength and zero creep attributes that make it a popular fibre within high performance sailing.

With the evolution of material technologies, the rise of Dyneema in the sailing industry has seen advanced capabilities, including the ability for sailors to now upgrade their lines from a standard polyester such as Marlow’s Doublebraid, to the D2 Racing made with a Dyneema core – the extreme breakload here means that sailors can select a smaller diameter of rope, therefore saving weight.  In today’s racing circuit’s these small gains can make a huge difference.

For further information about the benefits of Dyneema and what it means to you and your sailing click here, or sign up to one of our forthcoming Rope-Shows happening throughout 2018 and 2019 at a sailing club near you.

Thanks to Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and Team MOMO (Maxi World Champions 2018) for working with us on this project.