Marlow Ropes Hits Dyneema®  Recycling Milestone With ‘Sustainable Sailing’

Marlow Ropes, the world-leading UK rope manufacturer and premium yachting rope brand have teamed up with Maritime Textiles Recycling Start-Up ‘Sustainable Sailing’ in a new partnership that aims to make actionable changes towards the recycling of materials used in the manufacture of high-performance ropes across all their market divisions.

Sustainable Sailing’ are an award-winning Start-Up company who have experienced significant success already, having won the IET Excellence and Innovation Award as Start-Up of the Year 2023, and going on to work with sail and equipment manufacturers in the maritime industry.

This partnership sees Marlow Ropes using ‘Sustainable Sailing’ as a recycling partner for their post-production bio-based Dyneema® and HMPE PU coated waste rope and yarn.  Using their unique DEECOM® steam process to break down the yarn material and coatings, before returning them back to their polymer state for re-use and re-manufacture.

“We are delighted to have found a textile recycling partner for post-production PU coated bio-based Dyneema® and HMPE yarn and rope which brings us a step forward in the development of a circular economy for all bio-based Dyneema® and HMPE constructed products.  Historically it has been difficult to recycle the PU coated rope and yarn created during the production process.

“The technical requirements that sailors and race teams require from a high-performance dinghy or yachting rope in today’s world demands complex cover blends, heating and coating processes which have been difficult to strip out for recycling. Working with ‘Sustainable Sailing’ is a key milestone for us – we now know the recycling technology is available and hope to increase capacity in time to expand and include end of life ropes.”

We look forward to this new chapter with ‘Sustainable Sailing’ and in sharing future outcomes with the marine industry, our customers and end-users to make rope recycling easier and more accessible for all.  This furthers our ongoing commitment to sustainable manufacturing by working with industry partners such as Avient Dyneema® CirculariTeam® and following our recent achievement in gaining ISO14001 certification.