Protec 500 & Diablo heat resistant ropes

Marlow introduces NEW colours in Heat Resistance Safety & Access range

Marlow’s popular heat resistant Safety and Access rope range is now available in a new Gold colour series.

The PROTEC 500  is an outstanding  CE Type A certified EN1891 11mm heat resistant rope with 100% Technora®  gold cover with red polyester markers that indicate when the rope has been exposed to heat over 250℃.  The Technora cover decomposes when the rope has been exposed to heat over 500℃. The new lighter colour exposes on dirt, oil and grease contamination.

The DIABLO is a  CE Type A certified 11mm rope with a special blended gold and orange heat resistant cover. Designed for military, police and emergency services, Diablo is essential for all rope access professionals who require a low stretch kernmantle rope with added resistance to extreme environments and hard use. When exposed to direct heat (for example from a blow torch or close proximity to halogen lamps), Diablo’s survival time at temperatures exceeding 300°C, is 5 times that of regular static ropes. In instances of heat exposure up to 300°C, Diablo continues to maintain load bearing properties in excess of 10kN even after 15 minutes, whereas regular static ropes will catastrophically fail after 45 seconds.

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