Marlow Launches New products at Milipol Defence Show, Paris, 2017

Innovators in the field of rope technology, Marlow Ropes Ltd designed and developed the original Fast Rope in conjunction with the British Special Forces. These ropes are now in use by traditional Special Forces and SWAT teams across the globe.

Marlow are delighted to introduce the Fast Rope Rack (FRR) and the ProTec 500 Tactical at Milipol, Paris, this November at their stand 6B.156

The Fast Rope Rack is a lightweight stainless steel device which can be used in conjunction with 40mm fast rope and aids the rapid insertion of units.  This British-made device is light (1.83kg), quick and easy to install and Ideal for the insertion of non-Fast Rope qualified personnel including Medics, Interpreters, Guides and Bomb Disposal Specialists.  It also offers a perfect solution when descending with a dog.

The FRR has various fitting options to help with the deployment of equipment considered too heavy for insertion in normal Fast Roping conditions. The unique construction of the Marlow Fast Rope allows comfortable control throughout the descent and makes it easier to slow down and break. The suppleness of the material means that the rope is not hard on the hands as less force is required than with other ropes. Oil and general spillage do not affect the speed of descent as Marlow Fast Ropes absorb liquids.

The ProTec 500 Tactical is a 11mm CE Certified Type A aramid abseil rope with an extremely tough 100% Technora cover. This is a superior rapelling rope with outstanding heat resistance properties which can be trusted in situations of high temperature which can often result in extreme levels of abrasion.

To find out more about their latest products including a new and improved Fast Rope bag, a Fast Rope DLT cover, Fast Roping gloves and hardware visit their stand at Milipol, 21st -24th November or visit