Marlow – Proudly Stopping The World’s Fastest Car

Marlow Ropes is well known across many industries including Leisure Marine, Defence, Arboriculture and Safety and Access.  We get involved in a variety of projects across these industries as well as the more unusual including Film & TV and Aerospace amongst others, creating bespoke products for bespoke applications.  However none more so than for the Bloodhound Project. On Thursday 26th October the Bloodhound SSC (The Bloodhound Project) held its first public runs in Newquay, Cornwall where it reached 200mph, a small fraction of what the car is being built to achieve in its attempt to break the World Land Speed Record.

Marlow is proud to be the official rope supplier an is providing a bespoke polyester Nylon rope with a heat resistant cover for the parachute braking system, which will slow the car down once it has reached it’s desired speed of 1,000mph.

Bloodhound SSC driver Andy Green comments:

“Marlow Ropes some of the best rope products in the world and have supplied the strops for both Thrust SSC and the JCB Dieselmax, so we’ve used their kit before and we know that we can trust it.  For BLOODHOUND, we will be using a 32mm diameter braided strop. The strop will be 17 metres long to start with, but at its full working load of 9 tonnes the strop will stretch by 3 metres, reaching a total length of 20 metres.”

The car is set for it’s momentous record attempt in 2019.  Stay posted for more news, coming soon.