Marlow Rigged Team Lorina are Crowned Winners of the Tour Voile

We are thrilled to hear that the Marlow-rigged Team Lorina Limonade Golfe du Morbihan (Quentin Delapierre, Kevin Peponnet, Bruno Mourniac, Tim Mourniac, Corentin Horeau) have won the Tour Voile championship trophy for the second time in three years. Controlling their nearest rival Beijaflore (Valentin Bellet, Guillaume Pirouelle, Valentin Sipan, Julien Villion) from the off in today’s Super Final, they put paid to any chance of the contenders swiping victory at the final hurdle and consigned them to the second step on the podium.

Team Reseau Ixio (Sandro Lacan, Jules Bidegaray, Robin Follin, Pierre Quiroga) had third place all wrapped up with a day in hand and #SaillingArabia fought tooth and nail for a fifth place in today’s race which would clinch fourth place for them overall ahead of Lorina Mojito Golfe du Morbihan.

After 14 race days and thousands of kilometres clocked up in land-based moves from Dunkerque to Nice via stops in several of France’s iconic sailing destinations, 10 boats were admitted to the Super Final where double points were up for grabs. Several dramas were unfolding within the top 10, the most compelling of all being the ongoing head-to-head between Lorina Limonade Golfe du Morbihan and Beijaflore. Rivals for victory from day one, these two entered today’s Super Final with very specific obstacles between them and the cup: to close the points delta and claim victory Beijaflore needed to finish two places ahead of Lorina Limonade, whereas for the overall leaders a straightforward finish ahead of their rivals would be sufficient. Congratulations to all!

CER 2 received the Finagaz prize for Fighting Spirit for their performance in the final Act of the Tour Voile 2018.

Overall Top Three Rankings
Lorina Limonade Golfe du Morbihan – 752 pts
Beijaflore – 744 pts
Team Reseau IXIO – 733 pts

Youth Top Three Rankings
Team Reseau IXIO – 733 pts
Lorina Mojito Golfe du Morbihan – 702 pts
CER 2 Ville de Genève – 685 pts

Amateur Top Three Rankings
Dunkerque Voile – 657 pts
Homkia – NIL – Les Sables d’Olonne – 633 pts
Toulon Provence Mediterranee – 500 pts