Every day more than 16 million plastic bottles end up in landfill in the UK alone. 

Reusing, repurposing and recycling are all key areas of Marlow’s environmental policy and aim to highlight the importance of these actions to help reduce marine plastic pollution. 

As a manufacturing company within the marine industry, Marlow knows only too well about the impact that plastic materials can have on the environment and ensures that their impact is kept to a minimum. 

In their continued efforts to maintain this achievement, the world-leading manufacturer have removed a selection of mooring lines from their range as of January 2020. This development comes from the release of the industry’s first rPET product, BLUE OCEAN® DOCKLINE in 2018, which was first showcased at the METSTRADE show. 

The 100% recycled plastic bottle rope was intended to focus the industry on plastic use and to allow a sustainable choice to the public. This has since won accolations and global recognition for the product’s sustainable attributes.

Paul Honess, Marlow’s Leisure Marine Director comments on the change:

“We have removed several of our mooring ropes from our range as we want to encourage people to make a conscious decision when it comes to purchasing their ropes. As a world-leading brand, we feel it is important to raise awareness of plastic pollution and the effects it has on our planet. With the positive response from the industry after releasing our Blue Ocean® Dockline in 2018, this was an obvious choice for us to make.  We have plans to extend our Blue Ocean (rPET) product range further in 2020 so watch this space”