project scaramouche

Marlow’s Support for Inspirational School boy Sailors & Project Scaramouche

Marlow Ropes are delighted to be supporting the inspirational Project Scaramouche who were the recent  Musto Rolex Fastnet Race Prize Winners after their successful crowdfunding campaign which saw them successfully compete against the sailing elite. Scaramouche has been sailing now for two years and have built up quite a list of achievements.  Click on their Facebook page  or view this BBC film to find out more.

scaramouche crew

Marlow has supplied 50% of Scaramouche’s running rigging and has been behind the Project all the way – we can’t wait to see what their tenacious young crew will do next.


  • For the first time an inner-city school entered a series of prestigious Royal Ocean Racing Club events with their goal being to enter and complete the Fastnet Race  in 2017.
  • They initially raised £15,000  to pay for Scaramouche. Scaramouche is  the 1983  America’s Cup entry for America.  Since then she has led  an interesting and chequered career and they found her in a boat yard in Sandwich!
  • GCA Sailing has made Greig City Academy the first inner-city London school to have its own sailing club. 5 self-renovated craft and 1,000 sailors strong, they are the only London comprehensive school with its own fleet and students each year are taking on the challenge of sailing for the first time.
  • They purchase boats requiring a little, or a lot, of love and attention and renovate them in school.  This has the benefit of making the whole scheme affordable and providing the opportunity for our students to learn valuable practical maintenance skills.
  • They have expanded their fleet to 7 and it now ranges from a Mirror dinghy to a 45ft German Frers – “Scaramouiche”.  This allows them to train from the most basic to advanced levels.
  • They believe that for their students, the project contributes to personal growth, social awareness and develops skills for life.  Sailors learn how to take managed risk, how to take responsibility and develop as a team. It also broadens horizons, gives an awareness of what’s outside their day-to-day lives and promotes a can-do attitude.
  • They now aim to take this to the next level and demonstrate that anybody with skill, determination and dedication can succeed in the sport, regardless of their background.