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New EZYiD Asset Auditing Software now available at Marlow Ropes

Audit your assets with this revolutionary EZYiD auditing software which offers flexibility, mobility and is easy to integrate into your existing auditing software!

Using state of the art RFID technology, EZYiD uses the EZYiD Reader/Writer as a RFID key fob, capable of reading any EZYiD product and transmitting stored data with the push of a single button – empowering the EZYiD reader as a Human Interface Device (HID) which enables versatility across all software platforms. 

This “plug and play” easy-to-use device allows the reading and transmission of EZYiD tag data to any Bluetooth® enabled PC, laptop or mobile device. The reader is not constrained by any software, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable to your existing audit software. 

EZYiD Reader/Writer is available in ETSI (Europe), FCC (USA) or AMCA (Australian) frequency configurations.

EZYid kits are now available through Marlow Ropes, simply click here for further information or contact your Marlow Sales representative.