No-Fit Circus Use Marlow in Latest Acrobatic Show

Created in 1986 by five friends, NoFit State is a community bound by a common passion and a collective journey. They work, travel, and live together, putting their lives in each other’s hands daily and it is this trust, this bond and this togetherness that gives their work its unique heart, soul and spirit.

As a contemporary circus company, aerial circus is a significant component of their work. They use rope for both rigging and counterweighting as an essential element within their productions and over the years they have developed a range of new and innovative approaches to both.

They chose Dyneema SK99 Hollow Braid because of the quality of the materials and the fact that the rope is very strong, light weight, and has a very low-stretch. This makes it ideal for their line of work. It enables them to install complex rigging structures that are both visually and physically light.

Aerial performance is not just a matter of lifting people off the ground – it encompasses flight, weightlessness, defying gravity – and therefore the visual lightness of the rigging is essential.

“Britain’s leading large-scale contemporary circus company” ★★★★ The Times

“Pioneers of contemporary circus” The Telegraph

“The vanguard of the circus renaissance” Radio Times

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