Preparing for the start of a New Clipper Race 2019-20

It’s the start of a new Clipper Race edition and with the 2019-20 Race starting in just under a week (1st September) we’ve been busy fulfilling and delivering the rope order and providing splicing training for the fleet’s on-board bosuns. The 12 bosuns got to grips with a D2 Eye Splice and learnt some further techniques including handy fastenings.

This year we are also delighted to announce that our 2019-20 Clipper Race ambassador is James Andersen (pictured touring the Marlow factory), who will crew on-board IMAGINE YOUR KOREA. James is a British Consultant Radiologist aged 49 and is a ‘Round-the-Worlder’.  Known as ‘Dr Knots’ he has a keen passion for rope and knots and is a proficient splicer, already having been involved in preparing a number of spliced assemblies onboard the yacht. His main role on-board will be as Sailmaker Repair and he’ll be giving us a birds eye view on everything rope and sail related.

Stay posted for more information about James and for our product review to find out which Marlow products the Clipper crew are using on-board.