Race 8: Ha Long Bay to Zhuhai 

Life on board 

The race between Ha Long Bay and Zhuhai was short, forecast to be between 5-6 days duration. The good old PSP wind hole magnet found a couple of wind holes that threw us back in the fleet after starting exceptionally well and initially in the pack leaders. Thankfully some good winds filled in behind and we flew up the final stretch to Zhuhai. We may have finished 10th, but we ended up within only 20 miles the winner.  

Lessons learnt. 

Each boat has its own unique ideal tacking angle. We had to tack more than usual when we were sailing through the South China Sea to avoid fishing boats and pots as well as to ensure we could make our turning marks as less favourable wind angles were making a direct line impossible. Our boat performs best within a specific tacking angle range. Listening to our experienced sailors on board, I learnt that this seems to be unique to each ship and you learn it through trial and error.  


Eat local. Eat fresh. This can help reduce food miles and the associated environmental impact. While we store dozens and dozens of tins and packets of preserved food for each race, we purchase as much fresh produce as possible that will store well. It also needs to fit within our budget. This usually sees us buying local and in season produce. This not only tastes fantastic, but it also lasts longer and is more nutritious than if we chose to purchase produce that’s not in season. It comes with the added benefit of getting to eat some more exotic food such as lady finger bananas, unidentifiable but delicious melons, Nashi pears and even dragon fruit!