Congratulations to our partner, Pip Hare who crossed the finish line of the Vendee Globe solo non-stop round the world race at 00:57:30 hrs this morning, emerging in 19th place.

After 95 days, 11 hours, 37 mins and 30 seconds of racing, Hare is the first British skipper to finish the 2020-21 race, and only the eighth women ever to finish the Vendée Globe in its history. We are proud to have worked with Pip and to have supported her throughout her journey around the world. She has been an incredible inspiration to other women wanting to do the Vendee Globe.

Her race was not without drama, and she overcame a significant technical problem in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Replacing one of her rudders in big seas and 25knots of wind allowed her to stay in the race and to still remain close to a group of four faster rivals, all sailing a newer generation of foiling boats, which she had worked hard to pass.

This race has been everything and more than I ever hoped. It has truly given me the chance to perform at the highest possible level and I have relished every challenge and every solution. The thought of finishing brings me so many emotions; I will miss doing this every day, it is where I am truly at home and yet I am racing towards the finish because this is a race and I want to know that I always put everything I had into getting the best out of this boat. I want to thank you (Marlow Ropes) for investing in my campaign at such an early stage, trusting me to deliver and supporting me through all these months. I hope you feel this has been your success as well as mine. Once again from the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping to make this happen.


Photo credits: Richard Langdon/Oceanimages, Pip Hare/Medallia