Saving Wildlife with Marlow Vega Climbing Rope

Marlow Ropes have been working with Alex and Angela Witt from Australian distributors CSP Group, accompanied by world renowned tree climber and arborist Joe Harris to provide VEGA climbing rope as part of a unique project to help save wildlife from poaching at Sango Ranch in Zimbabwe, working with charities that include ATS, Sango Save Valley Conservancy and Save African Rhino Foundation.

CSP Group and Joe Harris developed a training programme to guide and teach the resident anti-poaching unit  modern (and traditional) tree climbing skills. Their hope is that by teaching the rangers who are protecting the abundant wildlife in the area (including a key population of critically endangered Black and White Rhinos), they will be able to use their newly learnt skills and techniques to better protect all the animals that live within the conservancy.

Marlow are delighted to have had the opportunity to be involved in this inspirational project and wish everyone involved the very best of luck.

To find out more about the work that the following organisations are involved in, click on the links below: