Saving Wildlife with Marlow’s Vega Climbing Line 

Saving Wildlife with Marlow’s Vega Climbing Line 

Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of wildlife rescue charities, providing them with unique rope solutions for challenging rescues. One that particularly stands out for us was working with Australian Arb & Access distributors CSP Group and arborist Joe Harris as part of a unique anti-poaching project at Sango Ranch in Zimbabwe, working with charities ATS, Sango Save Valley Conservancy and Save African Rhino Foundation

CSP Group and Joe Harris developed a training programme to guide and teach the resident anti-poaching unit modern and traditional tree climbing skills using our VEGA climbing rope.  Equipping the rangers with tree-climbing techniques has enabled them to act quicker, prepare and better protect the endangered wildlife, including a key population of critically endangered Black and White Rhinos. 

Vega is an 11.7mm light weight arborist climbing rope, currently boasts the lowest elongation on the market (1.2%). Designed specifically for the new generation of mechanical climbing devices and modern climbing techniques. 

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