TECH TALK: Doublebraid to D2 – The high performing Upgrade

Marlow Ropes have over 200 years of technical knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing high performance ropes for key applications within the yachting and sailing industry and we specialise in the use of exotic fibres.  It is our innovative approach and use of materials such as Dyneema® and Technora that has revolutionised the leisure marine industry, and the way in which sailors rig their boats.

Our world recognised Marlowbraid has a 3 strand polyester core with a 16 plait polyester cover, used by Cruiser Racers.  This is a great all-round rope, suitable for most on-board applications.  Easily spliced, the twisted 3 strand core provides excellent strength and lower stretch than braid on braid.

The Doublebraid is a superior line and has a 12 strand braided polyester core  with a 24 plait polyester cover.  The braid on braid  construction delivers a soft and flexible rope for easy handling and has 30% greater strength and reduced stretch than the Marlowbraid based on a 10mm diameter comparison.  Marlow’s Doublebraid is a superior polyester line with a great reputation amongst the yachting community.


Marlow’s Excel, Cruiser Racer and Grand Prix ranges offer a variety of high performance upgrades with the use of Dyneema® cores such as the D2 Club and D2 Racing. These advanced rope constructions using a Dyneema® SK38 and SK78 core hold significant increased strength benefits whilst reducing the weight, stretch and diameter.

The D2 Club, with its’ Dyneema® SK38 core,  can replace polyester lines such as the Marlowbraid or Doublebraid without the complexity and expense of having to modify or change deck equipment such as clutches or winches.

The D2 Racing, with its’ Dyneema® SK78 core can replace Marlowbraid or Doublebraid in a smaller size due to its high break load capacity and offers a perfect solution for high strength, all-round control line applications.

A key benefit of the D2 Racing’s high performance is the reduced  size, weight and stretch whilst maintaining high strength.  For example, an 8mm D2 Racing line can perform better than a 10mm Doublebraid, thus providing a high performance upgrade that saves on weight and stretch.

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