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D12 MAX 99

D12 MAX 99 is the ultimate rope for strength and low elongation. Manufactured using Dyneema SK99 which offers approximately 15% strength advantage...

Available colours: Black, Red, Green, White


Marlow T12 is manufactured from Black Technora and offers a high stength, low stretch rope which has been a staple of the film and event rigging...


Available colours: Black


Marlow also manufactures D12 - a range of pre-stretched 12 strand ropes made with Dyneema up to 22mm diameter. D12 offers the same high strength,...

Available colours: Black, White, Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Lime, Beige, Orange, Grey

D12 MAX 78

For high-load, diameter or safety critical applications, D12 MAX is the only choice.  Stiffer than standard D12, D12 MAX is taken to the limit of...

Available colours: Black, Red, Green, White