Product Recommendations


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This website contains a wealth of resources to help you specify the correct rope for your application.  However, our Sales & Technical teams are on hand to help recommend produce to specify and design new ones.

Specifying rope can be easy...

Most of the time specifying a rope for an application is a pretty straightforward business. If in doubt Marlow’s sales team have a vast wealth of experience and knowledge of where and how our ropes are used and can normally offer sound advice. 

Sometimes it's harder...

However there are occasions, often innovative or novel applications, where there is no precedent to guide rope selection. It’s then that the depth of knowledge in a product’s performance can be applied to matching a rope to an application.

How does it work?

Because of the unique nature of these applications the approach will inevitably be different in each example but the basic process remains the same. 

  • First, Marlow’s Engineers will work to understand exactly how the rope will have to operate in the application. This will include the environmental conditions, any hardware the rope needs to works with and so on. 
  • This understanding will be broken down into physical requirements such as loads, energy, temperatures, chemical exposure. 
  • Using this information will enable us to narrow down details such as what materials will function in the environment and what size the rope must be to satisfy the physical demands. 
  • Potential issues like fatigue, creep, hardware compatibility etc will all be considered.

Sometimes this process will lead to the recommendation of an existing product. Other times this will lead into a design project to development a bespoke product to solve the problem. 

In going through this process the team at Marlow can call on decades of experience in a vast range of industries and applications. If required Marlow’s testing resource can be used to verify the product will function as anticipated. This includes the ability to conduct tensile tests, drop tests, fatigue tests, accelerated weathering tests, abrasion tests and even bespoke testing with specific customer’s hardware.

Do you need a custom product?