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Designed as a traditional 13mm climbing rope for double rope technique. GECKO has a tough and durable 16 plait Polyester cover making the rope supple and hardwearing - ideal for use with friction hitches. UKCA and CE certified in accordance with EN 1891, Gecko 2 can be easily spliced but is also available in with either machine spliced eyes or two options of sewn eye termination.

*Splicing instructions are available to download.  However, please be aware that any splicing of CE EN1891 certified ropes in the UK and Europe must be carried out by an authorised and certified company or professional.


Rope Diameter (mm) 13
Weight (Kg/100m) 12.54
Colours Red
Lengths (m) 200, 25, 35, 400, 45
Breaking Load (kN) 32
Av. Breakload With Fig 8 loop (kN) 18.4


Gecko Splicing Instructions357.61 KB