Quality Standard Numbers

At Marlow we manufacture ropes to a wide range of international recognised quality standards, including CE standards, cordage institute standards, DEFCON’s, MIL specs, ANSI, NFPA and many others.  The table below details some of the main standards that we adhere to. 
BS 3367:1999Ropes and lines for fire service use other than rope rescue purposes
BS F 143:1993 Specification for Para-aramid braided cords for aerospace purposes
BS EN 354:2010 Personal fall protection equipment. Lanyards
BS EN 365 : 2004 Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. General requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic examination, 
repair, marking and packaging
BS EN 358:2018 Personal protective equipment for work positioning and prevention of falls from a height. Belts for work positioning and restraint and work 
positioning lanyards
BS EN 564:2014 Mountaineering equipment accessory cord Safety requirements and test methods
BS EN 566:2017 Mountaineering equipment. Slings. Safety requirements and test methods
BS EN 892:2012+A2:2021 Mountaineering equipment. Dynamic mountaineering ropes. Safety requirements and test methods
BS EN 1492-4:2004+A1:2008 Textile slings. Safety. Lifting slings for general service made from natural and man-made fibre ropes
BS EN 1891: 1998 Personal protective equipment for the prevention of falls from a height. Low stretch kernmantle ropes
BS EN ISO 1140:2021 Fibre ropes - Polyamide - 3-, 4-, 8,- and 12-strand ropes
BS EN ISO 1141:2021 Fibre ropes - Polyester - 3-, 4-, 8,- and 12-strand ropes
BS EN ISO 1346:2012 Fibre ropes - Polypropylene split film and multifilament (PP2) and Polypropylene HT multifilament (PP3) - 3-, 4-, and 8-strand ropes
BS EN ISO 2307:2019 Fibre ropes - Determination of certain physical and mechanical properties
BS EN ISO 9554:2019 Fibre ropes. General specifications
BS EN ISO 10325:2018 Fibre ropes. High modulus polyethylene. 8-strand braided ropes, 12-strand braided ropes and covered ropes
BS EN ISO 10547:2009 Polyester fibre ropes. Double braid construction