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“We worked with Marlow throughout 2019 and we were really pleased with the products and the service. In a race like the Vendee Globe you are looking for quality, durability and reliability and we have been really happy with all these elements in Marlow’s products to date. We were really pleased to have partnered with Marlow for our Vendee 2020 ambitions and we are pleased to be working with them again for our Vendee 2024 ambitions.”

Boris Herrmann, Skipper for TEAM MALIZIA


“Reliability and performance are vital when racing across oceans, and Marlow D2 Racing 78 has consistently provided both on Clipper Race yachts throughout numerous circumnavigations. The service and support behind the product are also vital to the Clipper Fleet, and here again, Marlow Ropes have a proven track record of delivering with performance matching that of the product.”

Greg Miller, Head of Maintenance, THE CLIPPER ROUND THE WORLD YACHT RACE


“The British Sailing Team and Marlow Ropes have always worked closely together on rope technology development and supply, and to ensuring that we have the best quality product on board our race boats. The innovation and reliability without compromise that they offer the team help our athletes stay at the top of our sport.”

Mark Robinson, Olympic Performance Manager, BRITISH SAILING TEAM

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