Plastic Odyssey and the 2024 Henderson Expedition is an international project whose ambition is to fight against plastic pollution. Thanks to its worldwide network of partners, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers and engineers, Plastic Odyssey is developing concrete solutions to recycle plastic waste and raise awareness of alternatives to plastics.

For the last four years, Plastic Odyssey has working on several awareness programs aimed at the populations most affected by plastic pollution. The aim of these programs is to provide access to all to concrete solutions that exist to avoid the use of plastic.

2024 Henderson Expedition with Marlow Ropes

In order to experiment with these solutions and share them in the countries most affected by pollution, they are being taken on board the MV Plastic Odyssey, a 40m oceanographic research vessel which promotes solutions to drastically reduce waste production and build a more sustainable future.

The ship left on October 1, 2022 for a 3-year expedition to Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

To support this ‘impossible clean-up’ Marlow Ropes is pleased to supply the international project with the donation of ropes and rigging to aid the coastline plastic waste retrieval along some of the most inaccessible and remote regions around the world. 

Marlow’s sustainably manufactured products such as Blue Ocean Static LSKBlue Ocean Doublebraid and Bio-Based Dyneema D12 99 are being used for rope access and to rig a zipline / parasail system that will transport heavy tonnes of plastic debris away from the coastline and onboard the MV Plastic Odyssey for sorting, recycling and disposal. 


Marlow Ropes Wins City of London Work at Height Innovation Award 2023

Marlow Ropes Wins City of London Work at Height Innovation Award 2023 for the introduction of the sustainably manufactured Blue Ocean Static made from 100% recycled waste plastic.

Following their attendance at the London Work at Height Seminar on Thursday 20th July 2023, colleagues from Marlow Ropes’ working at height sector were delighted to receive the award at the event sponsored by IRATA international.

The London Work at Height Seminar provides opportunity for the working at height industry to collaborate in the interest of occupational health and wellbeing, safety awareness, best practice, and knowledge sharing; whilst demonstrating a variety of work at height methodologies and industry innovations.


Clipper Race fleet moves to sustainable running rigging with Marlow Ropes – 2023

Marlow Ropes will be supplying innovative, sustainably made and recyclable running rigging for the eleven-strong fleet in the upcoming Clipper 2023-24 Race. Made with 73% recycled or sustainably manufactured raw materials, this will be the first fleet and ocean race where this type of recycled and sustainable rigging is used.

Ahead of the Clipper 2019-20 Race, each Clipper 70 was rigged with a mainsheet made from a Bio-Dyneema® core and a Blue Ocean rPET polyester cover, in order to test the durability of these new fibres in the world’s most hostile environments- from blistering heat to gale-force winds and freezing temperatures. The success of the product now means that the Clipper Race fleet can operate with more sustainable running rigging in the next edition.


Marlow Ropes Introduces the First 100% Recycled Lowering Li­­ne for the Arboricultural Industry – 2021

Our new environmentally conscious innovation; the BLUE OCEAN RAPTOR Lowering Line made using 100% recycled waste plastic bottles will be launched later this Spring.

Managing Director, Jon Mitchell adds, “We hope that by introducing this new product to the Arb market, it will encourage other manufacturers to act, enabling us as a manufacturer to make further progress towards a circular economy. Our ultimate goal is to switch all of our polyester fibres from virgin PET to rPET.”

The Blue Ocean’s unique construction offers the same popular attributes as the normal Raptor and Marlow’s other Arboriculture products including good abrasion resistance and shock absorption with soft and supple flexibility with zero strength loss or shrinkage but in an environmentally friendly way. The Blue Ocean range extends into Marlow’s Leisure Marine industry encouraging a more sustainable approach to the rope manufacturing industry.

100% Recyclable Packaging for Marlow’s Best-Selling Whipping Twine – 2021

Marlow Whipping Twine is a best-seller all over the world, and as part of our commitment to our BLUE OCEAN sustainability initiatives we have ensured that all packaging components are now 100% recyclable.

This is one of the last accessory products in our Leisure Marine range to benefit from an eco-conscious packaging update, following the introduction in 2020 of our recyclable uncoated brown board accessory header cards and switch to sustainably sourced sugar cane packaging.

As part of our BLUE OCEAN manifesto, we continue to adopt and explore new ways of protecting and safely transporting our goods to customers and consumers around the world whilst maintaining our objective of eliminating unnecessary packaging and reducing our environmental impact.

Marlow Ropes Pioneer Static Rope For Rope Access and Safety Industry – 2021

Blue Ocean® Static is the first static rope manufactured from 100% recycled polyester for the Safety and Access market, and the latest addition to Marlow Ropes’ eco-conscious Blue Ocean® product line using sustainable materials.  The 11mm rope is made from 100% recycled waste plastic bottles and offers the same industry-leading strength and low elongation performance, expected from Marlow’s Safety and Access static range.

NFPA, CE and UKCA approved, this innovative rope is compatible with all relevant diameter rope management climbing and descending devices. The Blue Ocean® Static follows the release of the award-winning Blue Ocean® eco-conscious range across Marlow’s Leisure Marine and Arboriculture market.  All offering top performance with low environmental impact, using raw materials made from recycled sources.

Marlow Ropes Introduces Second Blue Ocean® Rope in Arboricultural range – 2020

Marlow Ropes, the world-leading rope manufacturer officially announces the introduction of their latest ‘technically better’ innovation; the BLUE OCEAN® GECKO, a first in the Arboriculture industry.

The Blue Ocean® Gecko is a climbing rope with a 16 plait cover made from Marlow’s trademarked Blue Ocean® yarn – manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. It is the first climbing rope in the Arboriculture industry to be made from the recycled material. This release comes after their first product, Blue Ocean® Raptor, a lowering line made from 100% Blue Ocean® yarn hit the market earlier this year.

The new creation maintains the same CE Certified attributes and performance of Marlow’s popular original Gecko, but with an eco-conscious twist and a NEW low-profile eye termination option – added to give a tighter grip to karabiners/ hardware and to ease a smoother run through branches.

Marlow Ropes Take Sustainability Seriously with Third Eco-conscious Arb Rope –2020

Marlow Ropes, officially announced the launch of their third Blue Ocean® innovation to round up their trilogy of eco-conscious Arb lines for 2020. The ‘Technically Better’ rope brand are no strangers to sourcing sustainably produced fibres, and are the first in the arboriculture and forestry industry to release ropes made from recycled waste plastic bottles.

BLUE OCEAN® BOA is the newest addition to the eco-conscious range,being available in a loop or cord.

The global Arb industry will be pleased to hear that this sustainable accessory cord maintains the same  CE Certified  attributes and anti-kink construction making it ideal for use as a prussik and in other friction hitches. The new hardwearing 16 plait cover is now made from GRS certified Blue Ocean® yarn, manufactured from waste recycled plastic bottles.

This new innovation reduces Dyneema’s reliance on fossil fuels and helps Marlow achieve their sustainability and carbon footprint reduction targets.  All products containing SK78, SK99 and DM20 are now manufactured with Bio-Based Dyneema.

Bio-based Dyneema has identical technical characteristics and performance as conventional Dyneema but uses waste from the pulp and timber industry as its primary raw-material.

Bio-based Dyneema is ISCC certified, as sustainable and renewable via “mass-balancing”. This means that the Ethylene feedstock used to make Dyneema is transitioned from conventional petrochemical sources to sustainable and renewable sources with no change to the manufacturing process or the quality and performance of the yarn! Therefore, any a rope made with Bio-based Dyneema by Marlow, directly contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and has a lower environmental impact.

Every tonne of Bio-based Dyneema Marlow uses, reduces carbon emissions by 5 tonnes compared with a tonne of conventional Dyneema**.

And the comparison with generic HMPE is even starker – 1 tonne of Bio-based Dyneema produces 29 tonnes less CO2 than 1 tonne of generic HMPE*.  That is equivalent to charging 3.7m Smart phones or the same CO2 offset by 480 tree saplings over 10 years

Source of information:

** calculated by DSM Internal Life-Cycle Assessment

Marlow’s Blue Ocean Dockline Awarded Pittman award for Innovation & Gains Special Mention at DAME Award – 2019

Marlow Ropes are delighted to announce that their eco-conscious Blue Ocean Dockline, made from 100% recycled waste plastic bottles was awarded a PITTMAN Innovation Award 2020 by principle Editor, Adam Cort of Sail Magazine at Boot Dusseldorf, this January.

This sustainable innovation, a first in the industry, has seen great enthusiasm from the Leisure Marine market since its launch in 2019.

Managing Director Jon Mitchell comments;
“We are thrilled that the Blue Ocean Dockline’s  eco credentials and innovation have been recognised by the Pittman Innovation Award jury. Every day more than 16 million plastic bottles end up in landfill in the UK alone and when we found out about the astonishing quantities of plastic waste and the impact this is having on our oceans, we knew we had to act, and sought partners who had the expertise to develop and produce rPET (recycled polyester) yarn. This, combined with our technical knowledge of engineering rope solutions, allowed the innovation to become possible.”

BLUE OCEAN Dockline gains SPECIAL MENTION at DAME Awards 2019

Marlow Ropes are delighted to announce that their eco-conscious Blue Ocean Dockline, made from 100% recycled waste plastic bottles was awarded a SPECIAL MENTION in the DAME Awards 2019 at the METSTRADE show that took place in Amsterdam this November.

This sustainable innovation, a first in the industry, has seen great enthusiasm from the Leisure Marine market since its launch at the start of 2019.

Marlow Ropes Introduce 1st Eco-Conscious Rope in Leisure Marine Industry – 2018

Marlow Ropes, the world leading Leisure Marine rope manufacturer officially announces the introduction of their latest ‘technically better’ environmentally conscious innovation; the BLUE OCEAN DOCKLINE made using 100% recycled waste plastic bottles. Every day more than 16 million plastic bottles end up in landfill in the UK alone, and this latest innovation from the pioneering UK rope manufacturer uses their engineering expertise to make an environmental difference; through the development of a high quality premium Dockline rope made using 100% recycled plastic bottle yarn.

Reusing, repurposing and recycling are key areas of Marlow’s environmental policy and this latest product development aims to highlight the importance of these actions to help reduce marine plastic pollution. As a manufacturing company within the marine industry, Marlow knows only too well about the impact that plastic materials can have on the environment and ensures that their impact is kept to a minimum, as managing director Jon Mitchell explains:

“Like many progressive organisations, we are extremely conscious of our environmental impact and ensure that both our manufacturing and waste management systems are in line with our environmental policy which reinforces our recycle, reuse and repurpose education mission. Our ropes are made to the highest of standards using quality materials such as Dyneema® which is well known for its green strength, and whilst they are made from plastic polymers, they are not single use items and we equip our customers and end users with technical knowledge to help maximise the rope’s performance and extend their life so that as little of them as possible end up in landfill or as marine litter. When the ropes do eventually need replacing, there are a variety of ways that rope can be repurposed and we encourage this as much as possible by sharing tips across our website and social media channels.”