Blue Ocean “Recycled polyester” products.

Blue Ocean recycled polyester yarn is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  The material has the same strength and elongation properties as standard polyester yarn, yet is GRS certified as recycled.

Blue Ocean Ropes

Our Blue Ocean Recycled Range includes


Bio-Based Dyneema products

Bio-based Dyneema has identical technical characteristics and performance as conventional Dyneema but uses waste from the pulp and timber industry as its primary raw material.

Bio-based Dyneema is ISCC certified, as sustainable and renewable via “mass-balancing”. This means that the Ethylene feedstock used to make Dyneema is transitioned from conventional petrochemical sources to sustainable and renewable sources with no change to the manufacturing process or the quality and performance of the yarn! Therefore, any rope made with Bio-based Dyneema by Marlow directly contributes to reduced CO2 emissions and has a lower environmental impact.

Our Bio-Based Dyneema Range includes