Technically better

What’s so different about Marlow? With over 200 years of experience, we make high-performance rope solutions for a vast range of needs, including custom-made, high-specification ropes. That’s why we’re one of the leading fibre rope manufacturers in the world.

We expertly engineer ropes from the latest technical materials to perform in all kinds of conditions. Building sites, mountain summits, combat zones, wind farms… we even send ropes to space. 

Whether you’re based in the air, on land or at sea, you’re sure to find the right rope for you. No matter how specific your needs or how complex your project, you can count on us.

Alternatively, choose your sector to find the best Marlow rope solution for you:

“When you take on a race like the Vendée Globe, you need to know that your boat and your equipment will be able to perform for three months in the most difficult conditions. Working with Marlow, I know they pay as much attention to their rope development and the reliability of their products as I do to my boat and my body. In Marlow, we found a partner who pays attention to the small details, providing ropes that are strong, light and will endure.” Pip Hare, record-breaking transatlantic sailor


We push the boundaries of rope engineering using the most innovative materials around, such as Dyneema® – the single strongest fibre known to humankind.


Our ropes meet the highest quality standards possible, including CE, ANSI, NFPA, ISO and NATO.


Since 2018, we’ve been using sustainably sourced fibres in all our standard synthetic rope ranges. These fibres are manufactured from 100% waste materials.


There’s excellence in every fibre of our rope solutions. So whatever your personal or work-related challenge, expect a performance you can count on, from personal safety through to winning medals.

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