Arborist Training Day - Plumpton College

Arborist Training at Plumpton College

Product training with a difference!

What better way to introduce two of Marlow’s newer recruits to the world of arborist ropes than to spend an afternoon being instructed in climbing techniques by the trainers at Plumpton college?

Following their open day, Marlow took the opportunity to use the college’s climbing poles giving new staff the chance to try out various climbing methods using Marlow’s specialist arborist equipment amongst beautiful views across the South Downs.

Technical Manager Paul Dyer commented: “The Marlow boys got warmed up on the balance beam before getting stuck into the climbing.  Over the next few hours they learnt how to climb with traditional doubled rope using a variety of techniques and various hitches before moving on to modern SRT (single rope technique) methods and equipment.  At the end, I got sent with spikes and a flipline to climb to the top of the pole and unfurl the Marlow flag!”

Arborist Training Day - Marlow Ropes

There is no better way to learn the ropes than to go out and use them, so this opportunity been invaluable in improving the team’s product knowledge and we look forward to working with plumpton College in the future.

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