New Accessory Cord Provides Enhanced Rope Rescue Anchor Solution

Marlow’s new 9mm low-stretch polyester Accessory Cord has proven ideal for applications where nylon’s elongation is undesirable.  In a recent Rope Rescue Training course, Specialist Training Consultants used the low stretch, high strength rigging rope to establish an achor suitable for a rescue load (2 persons plus kit – apoprox 250kg load).

The Accessory cord’s thinner diameter proved useful as a solution when available anchors (such as smaller trees, fence posts, railings etc) are not individually strong enough. The multiple anchors (as shown in the images) needed to be joined together by running the cord back and forwards between them before tying the anchor in the correct place.   Traditionally this set-up would have been achieved with either an 11 or 10.5mm diameter LSK rope which would have been too bulky and difficult to work with in this scenario – in this case, alternative anchors would need to be sourced (e.g hammering pins into the ground, moving a vehicle closer or further away) which could cause potential delays to the rescue.

“I hadn’t even considered using a lower diameter rope for creating anchors before until I was shown the 9mm cord from Marlow. The thinner cord takes up less space, weighs less and is far easier to rig multi point anchors with. I was impressed with the low elongation and comparable strength to the bulkier 11mm I usually use.” Rope Rescue Technician via Specialist Training Consultants.

Overall STC found the Accessory Cord to be a highly reliable, easy-to-use ‘Technically Better’ rope rescue rigging solution.

For further information and full specification about the 9mm Accessory Cord click here.


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