The Life of Marlow Rope: A film

Every year we make over 6 million meters of rope from our factory in Hailsham, UK and have been doing so for over 200 years.  We make rope for all sorts of customers, industries and applications across the globe and are the official supplier to many record-breaking sailors and team

To celebrate its 16 year long relationship with Clipper Round The World Yacht Race, Marlow Ropes has created a short film on the lengths it goes to to produce the market-leading high performance Clipper Race ropes.

From the initial research and development to the final rigging of the 70-foot Clipper Race fleet, Marlow’s film is an illuminating insight into the entire process of creating the strong, light and durable ropes. Focusing on Marlow’s expertise, craftsmanship and manufacturing techniques developed over its 200+ year history, the short video goes behind the scenes of one of Britain’s greatest manufacturing exports.

Emma Donovan, Marketing Manager at Marlow said: “This film offers a fascinating insight into the art of high performance rope-making. The Clipper Race is an amazing adventure, testing the resilience of crew, boat and rigging.  The ropes will travel 40,000 nautical miles per yacht, crossing 4 oceans. They will endure hard conditions and have to be the very best.  We take this responsibility very seriously and are proud to be the official rope supplier.”

Each of the 12 Clipper racing yachts is kitted out with 1420 meters of rope (plus spares and accessories) the combined strength of all the ropes on one boat is 336 tons. A total of more than 15,620m of rope has been made for the entire Clipper Race fleet during over 1000 production hours.

With thanks to all at Marlow and Clipper Race who have been involved in this project.

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