Marlow Is Turning the Tide on Sustainable Rope Manufacturing

Marlow Ropes is turning the tide on how it manufactures rope – the energy it uses, the materials it sources and the waste it generates. As a leading global producer of products for the leisure marine and other industries that depend on rope, the company ensures it operates an efficient and ethical plant where sustainability is an important focus.

While high performance has always been at the core of Marlow Ropes’ mission, the past few years have seen an ever-increasing focus on environmentally sound manufacturing. Marlow has reduced reliance on fossil fuels by making all its standard synthetic rope products using sustainably sourced fibers manufactured from waste plastic or natural materials.

To make sure it can produce products that are both high performing and eco-friendly, the company has been collaborating with 11th Hour Racing Team – an organization that not only shares a passion for sustainability but where ocean stewardship is central to its very existence. “11th Hour Racing Team has worked with us to test various high performing Grand Prix products and this includes our sustainable material range,” said Paul Honess, Marlow’s Leisure Marine sales director. “The MGP series is sustainable by nature, and this is a priority that many of the top race teams now rank very highly in their campaigns. Rope production is much lower as smaller customized lengths are manufactured,” Honess explains. “Everything is cut to length, made to order, which ensures less waste and less energy is used.”

As a rope-maker, Marlow recognizes that its activities will have an effect on both the local and global environments, and the company is committed to responsible manufacturing practices. With this in mind, Marlow’s innovation team has developed a line of eco-conscious products that embodies its “green” initiative under the BLUE OCEAN® brand umbrella. The company’s BLUE OCEAN® brand is not only its mark of sustainability but also an assurance to all stakeholders of its on-going mission to conduct operations with an eye toward preserving the environment for future generations.