Plastic Odyssey is an international project whose ambition is to fight against plastic pollution. For the last four years, Plastic Odyssey has working on several expeditions and programs aimed at the global areas most affected by plastic pollution.

In order to share solutions to avoid the use of plastic in the countries most affected by pollution, the waste is being removed from shorelines and taken on board the MV Plastic Odyssey, a 40m oceanographic research vessel which promotes solutions to drastically reduce waste production and build a more sustainable future.

2024 Henderson Expedition

Supported by Plastic Odyssey, the 2024 Henderson Expedition aims to demonstrate that waste can be successfully removed from Henderson Island and create pathways for cleanups in the most remote areas of the world. In doing so they will be raising international public awareness and conducting scientific studies.

To support this ‘impossible clean-up’ Marlow Ropes is pleased to supply the expedition project with the donation of ropes and rigging to aid the coastline plastic waste retrieval along one of the most inaccessible and remote regions in the world.

Marlow’s sustainably manufactured products such as Blue Ocean Static LSKBlue Ocean Doublebraid and Bio-Based Dyneema D12 99 are being used for rope access and to rig a zipline / parasail system that will transport tonnes of heavy plastic debris away from the coastline and onboard the MV Plastic Odyssey for sorting, recycling and disposal.

Marlow’s Leisure Marine Director Paul Honess comments:  “We have supported many plastic clean-up initiatives over the years, but never one to this scale before.  We are pleased to support MV Plastic Odyssey with responsible rigging including sustainably manufactured products made from bio-based Dyneema and recycled polyester including the fully circular Blue Ocean Static that is made from 100% recycled waste plastic.”