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Grand Prix

Marlow’s Grand Prix Series revolutionised the way high-performance running rigging is specified and ordered. Imitated by many, but matched by none, the Grand Prix Series was developed and is continuously improved through our long experience with high-performance race teams and feedback from our global network of specialist Grand Prix Riggers.

The Grand Prix Series uses the highest performance materials offering unique and specific attributes to cores and covers that allow a team to specify exactly how ropes perform in different applications. This can be further enhanced with customisations including core inserts, machine tapers and hoist markers.

The reason Marlow’s Grand Prix Series ropes work so well and are so respected is that we listen to the feedback and needs of our Grand Prix Riggers and their customers – the race boat captains and crews. When combined with our attention to detail and passion for excellence, Marlow’s Grand Prix Series ropes deliver reliable, race-winning performance.

Grand Prix Yacht Ropes

Some Of Our Most Popular Grand Prix Cores

MGP Core Technology

Marlow’s Grand Prix Series offers a range of core options using Dyneema®, Vectran® and Zylon® (PBO). Each material has its own particular strengths and weaknesses.

Dyneema® offers by far the best strength to weight ratio of any material used in rope manufacture and is the material of choice for high performance cores. At Marlow we offer a range of Dyneema® cores to suit strength and handling preferences as well as budget.

Dyneema® is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and is available in a number of different grades. All grades of Dyneema® have excellent fatigue resistance (cyclic bending), UV resistance and abrasion resistance, but have poor heat resistance due to a relatively low melting point.

  • SK78 is now the standard material offering very high strength but significantly improved creep characteristics over its predecessor SK75 or equivalents.
  • SK99 is the very latest Dyneema® material. It offers exceptional strength (some 20% higher than SK78) and is unmatched in terms of strength to weight ratio.
  • DM20 has slightly lower tenacity than SK78, but has one major advantage in that it exhibits virtually zero creep, which can often have a negative effect on a rope’s performance and strength, at high loads for an extended period.

Vectran® (LCP) has the best creep performance of any synthetic fiber and can offer improved resistance to heat compared to the UHMPE family, but is far heavier.

Zylon® (PBO) offers unrivalled strength/diameter performance coupled with exceptional resistance to heat and ultra-low elongation. However, PBO is very susceptible to UV degradation.

Pre-stretching and Marlow Max Technology

Every Marlow Dyneema® core is pre-stretched to reduce “bedding in” elongation, limit the amount of elastic elongation and improve rope strength. We have been pre-stretching Dyneema® cores for over 30 years and that experience means we know exactly how to improve the rope’s performance without compromising flexibility or damaging the fiber.

Marlow’s MAX Technology uses a precisely controlled process to take Dyneema® to the limits of heat and load during Pre-Stretching. Introduced to offer the ultimate in strength realization from the fiber and to minimize elastic and “bedding-in” elongation, MAX ropes are stiffer than standard pre-stretched cores

Some Of Our Most Popular Grand Prix Covers

MGP Cover Technology

The interaction between core, cover and deck gear are fundamental elements of a rope’s performance. The Grand Prix Series blends technical materials to impart application specific properties to the cover.

The properties of different materials will have a varying impact on the interaction between rope & deck gear, by blending different materials in different ratios we are able to best utilize these material properties to produce the perfect rope performance.

Grand Prix Series covers can be specifically and uniquely customised to particular requirements using different material blend ratios and blends of 3 or even 4 materials.

Cover Constructions

All Grand Prix Series ropes are fully customisable. Different cover constructions have different properties and performance characteristics.

24 plait – thicker cover, offers excellent grip, good durability and flexibility. Easy to splice with all core configurations and is the standard cover construction for most running rigging applications

32 plait – thinner cover, smooth running through blocks and sheaves. Often used when a larger core is needed for strength without increasing diameter, but is more technical and time consuming to splice
than 24 plait.

48 plait – very thin cover, very smooth and easily expandable. Normally made with Dyneema® offering outstanding resistance to abrasion so used for chafe gear and covers for loops and lashings. Also used for standing rigging overbraids.

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