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Leisure Marine Ropes

Why Splice?

Why use Technora?

Choosing the Right Splice

How did Marlow’s rope perform on the Clipper 2017-19 Round The World Yacht Race?

Kiteline Splice with Connor Bainbridge

Defence Ropes

The Fast Rope Range

Working at height

Tech Talks with Trask: Packing your ropes away

Tree Work

Tech Talk: Why do we use Nylon?

Fibre Rope Solutions

Developing parachute braking systems with Bloodhound LSR


Arboriculture Climbing Series

Product Showcases

The Life of a Marlow Rope: Making the Clipper Race Ropes

In Production: Blue Ocean Dockline

Dinghy Rope Rigging with British Sailing Laser Sailor

Bio Dyneema Infographic

What is Blue Ocean®?

Gold Protect 500 V Static LSK Cover resistance test

Partners & Sponsors

Who is rigged by Marlow?

Marlow’s Partners rigged with high performance Dyneema®

Clipper 2018-19 Round the World Yacht Race – The crew behind the scenes at Marlow Ropes

Heat resistance test with Marlow’s Protec 500

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